GVest Funds Investment Offerings

Gracorp Capital Advisors Ltd. (“Gracorp”) aims to hold an equity offering on an annual basis to provide interested investors with an opportunity to purchase investments in both the GVest Private Equity Ltd. and GVest Private Equity LP funds (the “GVest Funds”).

The next GVest Funds Offerings are scheduled to be announced in May/June of 2018. The relevant investment materials for the offerings, including the Investment Presentation, Schedule of Events & Webinars, Offering Memorandums, and Subscriptions Agreements will be posted on this Webpage once they become available.

  • (Coming Soon) – Hardcopy Version of the GVest Funds Investment Presentation 2018


If you would like to learn more about Gracorp’s previous or future GVest Funds offerings, then please contact:

  • Curtis Pelletier, Manager of Investor Relations at (info@gracorpcapital.com) or phone 403-570-5160