What We Do

Gracorp manages the entire spectrum of the development process from land assembly through funding, entitlement, design, construction, leasing, property management, asset management and sales. As a subsidiary of the Graham Group, one of Canada’s largest construction companies, Gracorp has access to a continuous array of unique development opportunities. Our team of highly experienced professionals identifies high-value projects and levers the comprehensive resources of the Graham Group to create bespoke project teams and mitigate development risk. As such, Gracorp has become the “partner of choice” amongst a family of developers and corporations that have come together on numerous successful projects.

Gracorp brings a wealth of project management and financial discipline to the development process. Depending on the project size and nature, Gracorp will access in-house equity capital, third-party merchant capital and/or institutional investment capital. At present, Gracorp oversees over $100 million of equity investment (alongside our partners’ $180 million of equity) in projects valued at over $760 million. This includes equity from Gracorp’s in-house investment vehicles, the GVest funds. Gracorp has created its in-house development funds to allow both RRSP-eligible and non-eligible investors to participate in its portfolio of projects. Gracorp also accesses debt capital and its personnel include numerous debt capital markets specialists with extensive experience in Canadian and cross-border capital markets, having raised approximately $2.7 billion in debt financing since early 2014.