GVest Private Equity LP

The GVest Private Equity Limited Partnership (“GVest Fund”) is a Canadian, portfolio-based, open-ended, private equity limited partnership fund. The fund is majority-owned by the GVest Corporation, managed by Gracorp and governed by a majority of independent directors.

Designed as a portfolio investment product, the fund offers a means to diversify risk and enhance returns by investing in multiple projects and regions. The objective of the fund is to invest, either directly or through affiliates, in joint ventures, limited partnerships, equity or preferred equity positions, interest-bearing securities and other investment vehicles primarily involving real estate properties, private equity investments and publicly traded securities in Canada and the United States.

Targeted investments of the GVest Fund include:

  • Shorter-term investments wherein Gracorp can create value by:
    • Accepting and managing development and construction risks;
    • Restructuring debt and the capital structure of the investments;
    • Increasing revenues or decreasing expenses so that investor income improves; and
    • Creating turnaround and exit strategies to assist in monetizing returns over the near and medium terms;
  • Longer-term investments that, through the injection of new capital and development efforts, are structured in a fashion to provide transaction returns or ongoing cash flow that can be distributed to investors; and
  • Private placements into public entities, financial instruments or private transactions wherein return expectations are comparable to private equity investment opportunities and where the GVest Fund has governance and control over management.

From its inception in December 2009, through the end of 2015, the GVest Fund has invested approximately $36.9 million in capital to several real estate projects and has distributed approximately $8.5 million to its investors.