GVest Private Equity Ltd.

GVest Private Equity Ltd. (“GVest Corporation”) is a corporation that owns approximately 52% of the GVest Fund. The GVest Corporation declared itself a public company in 2009 for income tax purposes (though it is not listed on any exchange). This facilitated, in part, the creation of a RRSP eligible security offering, which is open to outside investors.

The GVest Fund sources the majority of its deal flow through its strategic relationship with Graham and Graham employees. Current and former employees of Graham make up the majority of investors in the GVest Fund. Management services to the GVest Fund are provided by Gracorp, which is staffed by an experienced team of investment professionals. A board of independent directors approves all investment decisions for the GVest Fund.

The objective of the GVest Corporation is to manage and invest in, either directly or through affiliates, joint ventures, limited partnerships, equity or preferred equity positions, interest-bearing securities and other investment vehicles primarily involving real estate properties, private equity investments and publicly traded securities in Canada and the United States. The GVest Corporation may invest in a mix of projects, properties and businesses diversified by location and type, with the ultimate goal of providing cash flow to the GVest Corporation or to develop equity interests for sale. From time to time, the GVest Corporation issues securities in the form of debentures and preferred shares.